New BoardPackager Program Helps Streamline Apartment Transfers

In our latest effort to make life easier for our boards, DEPM has teamed up with BoardPackager to provide you with a secure online system for processing apartment applications. BoardPackager uses encrypted file-sharing technology that allows
board members to review and vote on applications from purchases or renters. The system also facilitates communication between brokers, boards and property managers to streamline and expedite the process. Documents can be archived for future reference, reducing both paperwork and the need for storage space. All files are backed up daily and stored off site for additional security and peace of mind.

We are currently testing the system in several DEPM buildings, with plans to expand availability of the service to all our buildings over the coming year. If you are interested in learning more about this service or including your building in the initial implementation phase, please contact your Account Executive. For more information visit

Always sticking to their budget

The new BoardPackager program offers a secure online system for processing apartment applications.