Seasonal Reminders

• As the weather gets colder, pest sightings increase. Take full advantage of the
exterminating service programs in place in your building: Speak to your resident
manager/super for details.
• Daylight Savings Time ended Sunday, November 5th. This is a good annual reminder to change your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector batteries!
• Starting this year, Local Law 86/2017 changes the City’s Heat Season temps.
From October 1 through May 31, nighttime interior temps must be a minimum of
62 degrees, regardless of the outdoor temperature. Daytime indoor temps remain
unchanged, at 68 degrees when outdoor temps drop below 55.
• Schedule year-end service for central AC and pre-season inspection of heat systems.
• Close, service and install insulation covers on through-wall and window A/C units.
• Secure all items on roofs and balconies to immobilize them in the event of a
wind storm.
• Inspect all-weather carpets and runners to ensure good condition.

• Check supplies of calcium chloride and snow shovels.

• Tune up snow blowers, check/insulate sections of plumbing that could be prone to freezing.


As temps drop, it’s time to take action to get your building ready for winter.

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