Upgrade Your Landscaping this Year With Tips from the Pros

As warm weather finally arrives, spring flowers and new foliage are a welcome sight after
the long, cold winter. But your landscaping may need a facelift this season. From entryways to rooftops, the plantings your building installs make an enormous difference in the lifestyles of your residents as well as the value of the entire property. DEPM’s managers
work closely with boards and contractors to make sure that these oases retain their beauty
all season long.
According to landscape architect Tom Salaki, owner of Square Acre Studio, who is working on the landscaping at one of our complexes in Queens, maintaining and upgrading urban landscapes is a joint effort involving building staff, contractors, caretakers and designers. Here are a few of his tips for keeping your landscaping looking
• Irrigation: Having a proper irrigation system installed will save you money in the long run. It keeps plants wet during dry spells, helps to flush out any soil contaminants and reduces the need for plant replacement and fertilizers.
• Maintenance: It is important for the building manager and the landscape maintenance
crew to be on the same page as to how outdoor spaces should be maintained. Many times a watchful manager can spot problems before the landscape crew is on site for their weekly visit. Sometimes just one day can make a huge difference between keeping plants alive and having to replace them.
• Patience: Climate, seasonal changes and availability play a huge factor in what can
successfully be installed at your property. Give plants and landscapes time. The general rule with newly installed plants is that the first year they sleep, the next year they creep, and the third year they leap.

BEFORE: This barren roof is not only unattractive, but it's also wasted space.

BEFORE: This barren roof is not only unattractive, but it’s also wasted space.

AFTER: Creating a rooftop barbeque area can make a huge change in the lifestyles of all your buildings' residents.

AFTER: Creating a rooftop barbeque area can make a huge change in the lifestyles of all your building’s residents.

Strathmore Before 1

BEFORE: The plantings around this entryway do nothing to enhance the look of the building

Strathmore After 1

AFTER: The same entryway is almost unrecognizable with new plantings, a seating area, and architectural details installed as part of the landscaping. The upgrade provides residents with outdoor living space and adds value to the entire property.

Be sure to speak to your property manager about how your building can improve its
landscaping or create new outdoor space to enjoy this season.

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