Prepare Now for Winter Fuel Efficiency

iStock_000001333763lowKeeping your building running smoothly throughout the cold winter months is always a challenge. By preparing early, your property can save money, reduce fuel consumption, and increase the comfort and convenience of residents. By following these strategies for winter preparation, your building can batten down the hatches against the coming cold, maintain clear and safe common areas, and keep fuel costs down this winter. It’s best to start preparations early before the first winter weather hits.

• Review and restock your inventory of snow/storm related items, including Ice and Snow Melt, which were in short supply last winter
• Service the snow blower
• Check the supply and condition of snow shovels
• Clean and prepare winter uniforms, including work gloves and winter gear
• Close off automatic irrigation systems and drain lines
• Schedule year-end service for central air systems
• Schedule pre-season inspection of heating systems
• Close, service and install insulation covers on through-wall and window A/C units
• Secure all items on roofs and balconies to immobilize them in the event of a wind storm
• Move all planters away from walls to allow snow removal around perimeter
• Inspect all-weather carpets and runners to ensure good condition
• Review emergency procedures for residents and staff, and update as needed
• Review and update list of residents with special needs in case they need assistance
• Review and update telephone call list for staff in case there is a problem with public transportation
• Be sure list of staff cell phone numbers is accurate and up to date.
• Prepare a list of staff members who are available to come in early in case of emergency or storm
• Have petty cash available for coffee and food pizza for staff if there is an extended work period
• Have trees on the property trimmed to remove dead or broken limbs
• Call 311 for street trees that need pruning
• Have working thermometers on hand to check heat levels in apartments and public areas
• Check areas where pipes have frozen before to make sure they are well insulated and or protected
• Check exterior doors for weather stripping
• Clean out problem drains that may have backed up before
• Call 311 if there are public drains that need to be attended

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