Save Fuel, Water and Electricity With Boiler and Utility Monitors

In our ongoing efforts to improve efficiency and energy conservation in all our properties, Douglas Elliman Property Management (DEPM) is constantly seeking out the latest tools and technology. Recently, we have implemented two types of systems that are on track to produce significant cost savings for the buildings where we are testing them.

In several buildings, we have installed heating controls on the boilers that allow the super, manager or board members to monitor heat levels any time, from anywhere. Using a computer, a smart phone, or any Internet access, we can log in and view the temperature in the buildings. This information helps us to prevent overheating, and keep temperatures nice and steady. The cost of the new equipment is reduced by 50 percent through a conservation rebate program, resulting in a payback period of less than two years.

According to Steve Stadmeyer, Manager of a building complex in Sunnyside, Queens that has installed these boiler controls, “We hired an independent engineering firm to analyze the projected annual savings, and they have estimated that these controls should reduce fuel costs by 15 percent.”

Carl Reinlib, General Manager of London Terrace, another DEPM-managed property, reports that heating sensor controls were installed there in February. “Preliminary results show that we are already seeing savings over previous years. In addition, the increased ability to monitor the system helped uncover other inefficiencies that needed correction.” This summer, London Terrace will embark upon their mandatory conversion from “dirty” No. 6 oil to a much cleaner fuel combination of gas and No. 2 oil.

This type of proactive energy policy has a huge impact on the City as a whole, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and on the buildings themselves, by reducing energy consumption and significantly reducing energy costs. The end result for residents is improved comfort and better budget controls.

A second level of monitoring has also been implemented in a number of DEPM properties. Using a unique digital application, we can now track water, electric, gas and oil usage in buildings where we have implemented this system. Boards and managers can then view and compare usage from the current year to previous years, as well as comparing the building’s usage to that of other buildings in the City.

This information helps us focus on where there are inefficiencies, and how we can correct them. Thus we can help our buildings reduce consumption and save money, while also improving their ability to forecast their utility budgets. Once we’ve made energy improvements, we can see how much savings have resulted, and make informed decisions about how to proceed in other properties.

If your board would like to view the monitoring sites, please contact us at or through our Facebook page at

In many DEPM-managed buildings, including London Terrace in Manhattan, we're using technology to monitor and conserve fuel, electricity and water use.

In many DEPM-managed buildings, including London Terrace in Manhattan, we’re using technology to monitor and conserve fuel, electricity and water.

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