City’s New Recycling Initiative Will Save Money, Reduce Waste

On April 24th, Mayor Bloomberg announced an expansion of the City’s Apartment Building Recycling Initiative Program. The Mayor’s Office refers to this as the largest expansion of the city’s recycling program in 25 years; adding toys, plastic yogurt and coffee cups, food containers and all rigid plastics as part of the list household recyclables.  This new curbside recycling program will be as inclusive as any in the nation.

As recycling is cheaper than shipping waste to landfills, the city will save almost $600,000 in annual export costs by reducing an estimated 50,000 tons of recyclable waste a year.  Further, it takes 70 percent less energy to make plastic from recycled plastics, rather than from raw materials, this effort will reduce the city’s carbon footprint and improve its sustainability.   In partnership with Sims Municipal Recycling (SMS on the NYSE or SGM on the ASX) the program will create 100 jobs at the largest recycling plant in North America opening this summer at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal.  The plant will be powered by one of the largest solar installations in the city and house an education center to teach children about recycling.

To sum it up, there will be no more worrying about confusing numbers on the bottom of the container; you need not have to think twice about what can and cannot be recycled.  By mid-summer, every resident will receive instructional mailers describing the expanded recycling program with easy-to-understand illustrations of what you can recycle and how.  Douglas Elliman Property Management will assist building managers and their staff members understand these new regulations as well as replacing the current labels on the building’s recycling bins and mandated signage. While the program already started, the City won’t begin enforcement until rules are formally adopted in mid-July.

We encourage each resident and building to participate in this Apartment Building Recycling Initiative Program ( to make New York a cleaner place to live.


Under the newly expanded Recycling Initiative, the City expects to save almost $600,000 a year, reduce its carbon footprint, and improve sustainability.



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