Oil-to-Gas Conversion Update

NYC’s Clean Heat initiative bans the use of No. 4 and No. 6 heating oil, which are responsible for 85 percent of all the soot pollution from buildings. The 10,000 buildings in NYC currently using these “heavy” oils must convert to a cleaner form of heating fuel by the middle of 2015.
Many buildings are switching from oil-burning boilers to dual fuel or natural gas boilers, a change that will not only help reduce pollution, but will result in significant fuel savings as well. Buildings that use 100,000 gallons of No. 6 oil per year can save over $100,000 each year on their fuel costs by switching to gas, based on 2012 oil and gas prices. The City has been working with Con Ed, the Environmental Defense Fund, and several banks and organizations to help buildings meet the deadlines, and finance these costly conversions. Currently, Con Ed is using “Area Growth Zones” to
offer reduced or no cost gas service to buildings that want to convert to gas heat.
DEPM is working with our client buildings to get applications in by the deadlines in order to get Con Ed on the job as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. For more information on program requirements, deadlines and assistance, contact your manager or visit NYCcleanheat.org, coned.com/gasconversions or edf.org/cleanheat.

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